Tiffany Auphan


UX - UI - Development

Histoire des Buttes-Chaumont

The Buttes-Chaumont park is one of the largest green spaces in Paris, with nearly 25 hectares of land. It is both a tourist and historical place in the heart of the city. Also, our project was to create a platform to promote the park, its history and its visitors. The initial problem was: "how to make visitors discover the park's history and involve them in its future?"

The project

We have created a website that retraces the history of the park from its creation more than 150 years ago to the present day. It allows to highlight its strengths, its evolutions and the different developments made to improve the comfort of visitors. It also allows visitors to participate in the future of the park, to contribute to its history, by proposing their project ideas, which are then submitted to the votes of Internet users.

Role in the project

In collaboration with V. Desormeaux and L. Maraval, we have created the entire visual identity of the park and the site. We based ourselves on several user studies (interviews, field observation, mindmapping and pictionnary) to create the designs of the site. I also designed and animated an interactive map of the park in 2D. I then developed the site from scratch, taking care mainly of the Javascript and PHP part, then retouching the CSS.

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