Tiffany Auphan




As part of an exercise, we had to imagine, in groups of two, a phygital concept for the smart city of tomorrow in Paris. The idea was to apply only to public spaces and not to common or private areas and the budget was unlimited. The project was to be based on user studies and provide a functional prototype of the phygital application. The final defense took place before a jury composed of a member of the Grand Paris.

The project

Based on the problem of sorting waste on the street, we proposed a bin connected to a mobile application. The aim of the system is to encourage and educate users to sort better, via a point gain system. The application allows the user to identify wastes by scanning them and also integrates a gamification system with a ranking, culture mini-games and gifts. The connected bin comes with an NFC terminal so that the user can easily connect their phone when throwing waste.

Role in the project

In collaboration with A. Vivet, after a brainstorming on the subject, we conducted a quantitative study on 500 people, plus interviews and a pictionnary for the application's pictograms. From there we defined the different functionalities of the application and the typical user journey, with 3 personae. In parallel with the construction of the application design, we have created a 3D prototype of the bin and detailed its operation as we imagine it to be and the necessary technologies.

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