Tiffany Auphan



Tremplin Prépabac

Le Tremplin Prépabac is an annual competition for secondary school students, created by Editions Hatier. High school students propose a project and following votes, 3 projects are elected, two by a jury of professionals, one by Internet users. The project was the graphic redesign of the site and its identity (logo), for the 2019 edition of the competition.

The project

The structure of the site had to remain identical, and the new graphic charter should not be too far from the current, to respect that of the Prépabac and Annabac collections. From these constraints, I mainly worked on modernizing the interface and facilitating the user process, especially for the project creation stages. I also worked on creating a more meaningful iconography that would facilitate the visualization of information, for example on the timeline.

Role in the project

After a UX analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the old interface, I use the initial user journey and the new specifications to create the wireframes and interfaces. At the same time, I slightly redesigned the logo, to modernize it and make it easier to adapt for future editions. I also worked on the visualization of projects, with the hierarchy of reading levels and the different buttons. Finally, we brought the responsive dimension that didn't exist on the old site.

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