Tiffany Auphan


UI - Development

Actu Histoire-Géo

Actu Histoire-Géo is a site for teachers offering a variety of content: downloadable educational resources, tips and articles. Its goal is to federate teachers around news and replace three existing sites with similar content, to simplify the offer of Geo-History sites and attract teachers around the brand Hatier.

The project

The site being defined as a news site, we decided to focus it around the chronicles. As they are published regularly, it allows to frequently update the site and give it an active aspect. To bring out the downloadable resources, we segmented them into several types to make them stand out as "resources of the month". This system also makes it possible to analyse a posteriori which type of resources are used the most.

Role in the project

From technical specifications and a logo sketch, I created the entire graphic identity of the site and I have reworked the logo to make it easier to use on the web. The demand was to have a modern and sober general design, with flashy colors, reminiscent of Russian constructivism. I then worked on the user journey, especially for the Map Library section of the site, which offers filtering features with multiple categorizations. After designing the interfaces, I developed the site under Drupal 7, working on mobile design.

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  • outilDrupal 7