Tiffany Auphan



Bison Futé

As part of an exercise, we were in charge of redesigning a mobile application with UX and UI weaknesses. In this context, we decided to redesign the Bison Futé application. Bison Futé is a government service created in the 1970s to help motorists choose the best ways during their travels, especially during holidays. With this in mind, the actual application offers a reduced version of the site's features, with a traffic forecast map and an accident / works map.

The project

Our starting problem was "How to integrate the traffic application market by respecting the concept of Bison Futé and compete with Google Maps and Waze that integrate real-time forecasting into their GPS?". Our project has therefore been to propose an application focused on real-time forecasting, with a map as its main screen and to integrate in addition, a route planning system, reinforced with road tips, weather information and notifications in case of traffic changes. Our goal was really to play on the brand's notoriety among the French to reinforce the legitimacy of the forecasts.

Role in the project

With V. Desormeaux and L. Maraval, we began by doing a large competitive analysis, and then implemented several UX approaches (mindmapping, interviews, group focus, pictionary for the pictograms). Our results allowed us to define precise targets and to create personae as well as a user journey. We then recreated the graphic identity of the service, creating a new logo, and then we split the design into three. For my part, I also worked on the creation of pictograms for traffic signalling but also for the navigation of the application. I then created the prototype with Marvel app.

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