Tiffany Auphan




Annabac is a series of books for high school students, dedicated to baccalaureate preparation. Today the brand has a site and two applications for the revision of the Bac. The project is a long-term redesign, based on optimizing the user experience. This, in view of the future reform of the Bac in 2021, but also to adapt to the changing uses of mobile support and the active competition of EdTech.

The project

A user study highlighted two main areas of work for the redesign of the site. First an optimization of the use of the site on mobile and second, the personalization of the user journey on the desktop site. For the first axis, we decided to explore the tracks of the web application, with a simpler and more complete menu to facilitate navigation. For the second axis, we decided to rework the dashboard. We also reworked the display of resources during a search, adding for example a context menu for the type of resources and a reworking iconography.

Role in the project

For this project, I first conducted a comparative study of Annabac and three of its direct competitors to highlight the areas for improvement, but also the strengths of the site to reuse. After presenting the results of user tests, I worked on a mobile menu prototype on Marvel app, approaching more of a web app. I then worked on improvements to the website, redesigning the site's home page, the dashboard and its personalized courses, as well as the search results.

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