Tiffany Auphan


UX - UI - Development

Foucher Game

As part of the 2019 reedition of the manuals 2nd Bac Pro Editions Foucher, the publisher has decided to add educational escapes games to its manuals. To give the project a digital reach, it is linked to an online platform. Eventually, Foucher Game could extend the concept to other types of educational games or other manuals. The platform could also evolve to manage teams or inter-establishment competitions.

The project

The purpose of the site is to immerse the user in the world of the escape game and to discover the main plot via a video presentation. Following this, students have access to an answer interface where they can enter the code found thanks to the puzzles. Depending on the response, the site sends a congratulatory video or an error message. The idea was to create a site with an immersive and speaking universe for young high school students.

Role in the project

In collaboration with Foucher publishers, we have established the general universe of the site. I then conducted a state of the art on the theme of the escape game, whether concept, design or logo. Then I detailed the specifications and defined a schedule. I then created the wireframes and mockups of the site and created a prototype. The site is currently under development.

  • outilCompetitive analysis
  • outilPhotoshop
  • outilIllustrator
  • outilPrototype
  • outilHTML-CSS
  • outilJavascript
  • outilPHP
  • outilDrupal 7